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Selling a business? Sale by owner: list your business for sale and deal directly with the buyers from around Australia.

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What do I get with my Business for sale listing? Limited is a 100% owned and operated Australian Private Company - find out more.

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Pay by credit card securely with paypal.
Business Listing until sold   $399.00
Premium Business Listing until sold   $499.00

Cost is inclusive of GST and is in AUD.

Your ad will remain live on the website until you have sold your business.

To place a Business for sale listing on you will need the following:

a valid credit card (Not required for free listings)
a valid email address
full details of your business
your contact details

What can I include in my ad?

Supercharge your listing and stand out with home page Feature listings.

Our List until Sold plan allows you to list your business for sale until it sells, editing or updating it as often as you like With 15 images, 3 video and Premium Featured listing, this account gives you peace of mind. Just remove your listing when you've sold.

We will edit your listing for you, so that it sells, and we will also email market your listing to our database of buyers in your area. will also list the site for sale on our advertising network for free. It will also be optimised for Search Engines and broadcast on our Social Media Channels.

This is our Premium service, and if you want to sell your business fast this option is the one for you. lets you advertise the details of your business with the option to include up to 10 photos of your business. Create and upload a video profile of your business, to better sell your business to a prospective buyer.

How much does the ad cost?

To list your business for sale until sold is $399 total cost for the ad* (most popular) or $499 for the Premium option.
* Payment available only by Visa or MasterCard, PayPal, or Direct Transfer to account.

How long will my ad last?

Your ad is displayed for as long as it takes for you to sell your business, there is no time limit*. Once you have sold your business, of course you have to remove the ad. So regardless of how long it takes for you to sell your business, your ad will cost you no more than $399.

* You are required to log in to your ad at least once every 60 days and ensure your information is kept up-to-date. To keep site current for buyers, ads not accessed for more than 60 days may be removed from the site.

There are no refunds if your advertisement is removed due to our acceptable use policy.

Please read full terms and condtions before placing your advertisement.

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