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Factory Built Homes For All Needs

$ 6,200,000.00
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Factory Built Homes For All Needs
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Additional information
After 20 odd years the owner is selling this very profitable and consistent business supplying homes built in their factory and transported to the site for installation, plumbing and connection to all the services. They build modern style homes and beach style properties that are often preferred over the built on site option. This method gives a price advantage of between 10% and 20% to traditional building methods and no time is lost to weather.
There is more work available than capacity will allow so it’s possible with investment in factories in other locations on the East Coast that the business could be doubled or even tripled the size it is today.
Reason for Sale
Change of pace and lifestyle for the owner. Appropriate handover period of up to 12 months and a comprehensive restraints of trade.
If we follow the trends in Europe, more and more construction will be factory based and the types and styles will vary to be equally or even more popular and more robust than traditional building methods.
This business builds a variety of buildings on their premises including on-site offices, toilet and shower blocks, modern 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes, 2 and 3 story mansions. This method of building has advantages over other building methods in that costs are 10% to 20% cheaper and no time is lost to weather.
So now you have a product which is as good as any available and you have a price and time advantage which is why this business has been able to produce close to $2 million profit every year for the past 5 years.
They have very strong relationships with Councils, park operators and developers/builders.
The business enjoys massive buying power unrivalled in the industry in that they buy direct from the manufacturers and not through a Bunnings or similar chain as most tradies do.
All in all the business is the complete package and is well priced to sell.
Established for 28 years with the same family.
Sales Price
$6.2 Mill + SAV + WIP
Annual Nett Profit
$ 2,170,000.00
Gold Coast
Gold Coast
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