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Adult Essential Oil Products Manufacturer & W/

$ 250,000.00
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Adult Essential Oil Products Manufacturer & W/
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Exclusive formulas of all natural and extremely effective products in stunning bottles and stylish marketing with trademarks almost worldwide with application across several sectors including Adult, Meditation, Massage, Holistic and Allied Health.
The aroma is superb and has application in many other markets as it only caters to the adult market which is a nice income in itself but the obvious opportunity is to explore other markets such as natural health and beauty, meditation, health spa and retreats, online sales and yoga studios.
Monday to Thursday 9am until latest 4pm (often finish earlier)
$725 per week for plant room storage and office space. Secure lease in place.
About the Business
This business operates 4 short days with one person able to handle it on their own. Hugely profitable with excellent gross profit and low overheads. Equipment is first class and cost over $80,000 to set up mixing and bottling plant. Stock on hand to manufacture 3 times the volume currently undertaken so selling more won’t cost you anymore.

This business is best described as an all-natural lifestyle products with 8000 Instagram followers and approximately 5,000 Facebook followers.
It has created a range of all natural lifestyle products including 4 in 1 all over pleasure oils, essential oils, arousal oils and mood mists (linen, clothes & room fragrance). Created by the current owner who has a background in natural medicine and body work.
The business was started in 2007. An enormous amount of time and money has been spent in research, not only on the creation of the range of formulations and products, but also packaging, labelling and marketing.
The business is only operating in the adult market channel. However, there is an infinite range of untapped markets where there is more opportunity for sales of these products in mainstream businesses. For example pharmacies, lingerie stores, gift stores, yoga studios, health food store
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$ 91,748.00
Gold Coast
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